Crunch time

Last night, I got to experience a rare treat: Duquesne basketball on national television.  Granted, it was on ESPN U, which is about the 34th rung of ESPN channels, but it was better than what Duquesne usually gets (public access broadcasting).

Anyways, Duquesne pulled out a thrilling victory thanks to a game winning three pointer by Bill Clark, a former floormate of mine.  It was an absolutely clutch shot, with two defenders smothering him, but he got it to rattle home.  In spite of playing a fairly below average game, Duquesne managed to take the W over Iowa, 52-50.

It was a brief break for me during what has been a hectic last few weeks.  The plus side is I’m leaving for home Friday and taking two days of classes off to see my family, watch my brother’s play, and go to a cousin’s wedding before Thanksgiving break starts.  The negative is that, since I’m leaving early, I have a ton of work to do before I leave.

Yeah folks, it’s that time of year–the last month before the end of the semester.

I get done finals quite early this year–I’ll be finished everything three weeks from today.  That’s great.  But being in the economics program means I have two semester-long papers to finish soon, and since all the other economics students are in the same spot I’m in, getting help from my professors has proven difficult since they have the whole department to help.  That’s not to mention the four exams and the media production project I have to prepare.  Sometimes, getting out early doesn’t always mean you have things easy.

Why am I ranting about this?  Because in times when you’re surrounded by work and time constraints, and anything less than your best shot isn’t good enough, you need to pull a Bill Clark.  You need to rise up and put forth a concerted effort.  You can’t let everything collapse around you and just chalk it up to “a bad semester.”  You especially can’t do it come your junior year, where failing, withdrawing, or even taking a D or C can set you back a whole semester.  Once you reach this point, your professors expect that you’ve figured out this whole “college” thing, even if no one can ever figure college life out.

I know this hasn’t been my best semester of college–work, activities, home life, and classwork have all been bearing down on me in a way they never have before.  But even when you know you’ve struggled, you need to figure out a way to come out on top, recharge, and come back even stronger the next time, the way Duquesne and BC did Tuesday night.


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