Crossroads Mission Trip – God, Houses, Boars, and Gator Tails

I have a bad habit of forgetting to blog about evens that have occurred in my oh-so-important life until far after they’ve happened. ¬†Hence, blogging about that econ conference a week after I went to it. So to recap what’s happened recently:

1. I was appointed Assistant Sports Editor at the Duke, which means I’ll be head sports editor next year. Go me.

2. I navigated a week and a half of collegiate ridiculousness, featuring tons of assignments and stories to write. (Remember what I said folks–take advantage of that three day weekend and get your relaxing done then, ’cause it ain’t happenin’ later)

3. I grew out my beard…ever so slowly.

4. I went on a mission trip with Crossroads and Habitat for Humanity during spring break that changed my life.

Since I’m not sure how much material I’ll get out of #3, I guess I’ll tell you some about my trip.

Crossroads is a Christian fellowship group on campus. While Duquesne is indeed a Catholic university, Crossroads does not restrict itself to one sect of Christianity, instead accepting all who believe in God, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I’ve been a member for a year and a half since my better half convinced me to go in Fall of ’08.

This year, Crossroads’ annual spring break mission trip was originally scheduled for New Orleans, but because the sponsor group in NO folded, Crossroads changed its plans to go to work with Habitat for Humanity in Sumter County, FL.

The idea of paying $500 to give up my week of freedom during what I call “Winter Break II” (because any break that starts in February is not a spring break in my book) to build houses for 6-8 hours a day was not high on my list of favorite things, whether it was in Indiana, Florida, or outer space.
But my friend Dan convinced me to go and told me how to raise money for the trip. Plus, my better half had gone on the mission trip the year prior (to a deaf village in Jamaica) and said it was an incredible experience. After a while, I decided at the very least, I’d have a few stories to tell from the trip, so I agreed to go.

As it turned out, the trip was everything I could have asked for, with plenty more than I expected.

I don’t talk candidly about my religion very much, but suffice to say, my faith truly changed over the course of break. This happened not only because of the type of work we were doing, but because of our nightly worship sessions, which featured a member of our group speaking on a particular subject followed by about a half hour of worship music.
All the while, I met a ton of new people, and truly bonded with those that I knew before the trip. I hate to sound cheesy, but this is definitely something that I won’t forget.

Because of how long this trip was and what kind of impact it had on me, I don’t think I can sufficiently recap it in one blog. I’ll break this up into a few entires that I’ll supply over the course of the next week. For now, enjoy a couple pictures from the trip


Worksite Image 1

Worksite 2

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