Christmas in September

So what’s the big deal about living in Brottier Hall, you may ask?

You may be a freshman here at Duquesne, or a high school student looking at Duquesne and checking out some of Duquesne’s freshman dorms. And they look great. What could get better?

I’ll tell you what, my friends – Christmas lights.

You see, you have to be careful with how you set up Christmas decorations in your dorm rooms. Check with your RA before you do so, because putting them up in the wrong parts of your room could be a fire hazard.

But once you get to Brottier, you have freedom. You have your own oven, your own stove, and more space than three dorm rooms combined.

And with that freedom comes your prerogative to put up Christmas lights wherever and whenever you want. Which is exactly what myself and my two roommates, Keegan and Ed, have done.

There are few things more surreal than watching your roommate (in this case, Keegan) come in, shout, “I finally got them!” and proudly show you two packs of Christmas lights he just purchased from Target.

And it’s even crazier when said roommate is feeling particularly feisty and puts them all up…at once…in September.

So now, I sit here writing this post with the television aglow and one lamp on in the corner. But even if I didn’t have those light sources, I would still have plenty of light from the lights strung up all throughout our living room.

Classy? Maybe not. But darn it if it isn’t cool looking. At the very least, we have to have the most original room on the floor. And I haven’t even gotten started on our planned “Wall of Soda Cases.” But that’s another story for another day.


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