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Top 6: History Books

Don’t fall asleep! Ok, good. Let’s talk books today. Hopefully you like books — frankly, if you don’t, you’re probably in the wrong …

Trust me, this broom is relevant to the story.

Happy New Years from the Bluff

New Year’s traditions, everyone has them. Whether you’re updating your Facebook status with your thoughts on the past year, writing a metric …


Happy Finals Season!

Happy finals season! I’m here to make sure that you beat those finals and they don’t beat YOU. From reading things from …

The line on one of freshen's opening days.

Keepin it Fresh with Freshens

At long last the new eating establishment is here, guys! Freshens, our latest-on campus eatery, replaces our old Jamba Juice and brings …

A Break From Studying

So this past week I experienced the joy of having to deal with three midterms, three days at work, and one annoying …

Waitressing Tales

‘     Hey guys, I apologize for my late post, I had a very stressful week with midterms and papers and …


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