Busy, busy, busy

College students know that time is one thing there’s never enough of. Recently I’ve realized just how busy we all are, and it’s a little hard to believe we all manage to get things done. My roommate and I were recently looking through our planners and joked that we may even have to start scheduling trips to the bathroom just to make time- the funny thing is I feel like my life could actually get to that point.

Currently, I’m taking five classes, writing for this blog, attending the SPIRIT Emerging Leader workshops, interviewing to be a 2010 Orientation Leader, getting ready to enter the Phi Eta Sigma national honor society, preparing to travel to Paris for Spring Break with my Impressionism class, and I also made the Dean’s List and Director’s Circle here at Duquesne. While I’m honored and happy to be a part of all these great organizations, it seems a little overwhelming when it’s spelled out like this.

I still do a few things each day to keep me healthy and sane like supporting the Dukes at basketball games (Yay for the win against St. Bona!), and I’m even getting the H1N1 vaccine to keep me from catching anything during my trip to Paris.

I’ve also noticed a difference in starting my second semester is that this one began just as busy as the last one ended. Whereas last semester I acquired an increasingly stricter schedule as time went on, I feel just as busy now as I did during finals weeks last December.

Another thing that amazes me, once again, is how many opportunities there are at Duquesne. I hear about new activities every day that seem like something I would love to be involved in, but there simply isn’t enough time. I’m just one person with a small list of extracurriculars, but there are hundreds of other activities here and thousands of students participating in them. After reading the posts from the other bloggers, it’s clear that I’m definitely not the only one taking advantage of everything on campus.

What I’m trying to get across to the readers is not that I have a tough life; in fact I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I really want everyone to know that we’re all stressing, but it’s a stress that comes with the reassurance that everything will pay off, and the busy schedule of today will bring about incredible opportunities tomorrow. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself 😉


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