Busy as a Bee

Ok, I know I’m a bad blogger… I haven’t written in two weeks! Show mercy: here’s why.

Since returning to Pittsburgh from Easter, I have been bombarded with work. In fact, even before that. My entire Easter Break was spent reading GenX Religion an (300 page) anecdotal analysis on Generation X and the religion they practice. Ok, so yeah, we were assigned books on the syllabus with hopes to end unit three with book reviews of several different views on religion. The assignment was twofold: part one was a three-page book report, incorporating how the book applied to the material through out the course. The second part was a fifty-minute presentation in which you educated the rest of the class on the book – obviously not the assignment to postpone. I also have been struggling with a film review on the Matrix and how it approaches religion and modernity. Oh right, and that’s just one class. Other classes have been going the same way, as I’m sure everyone can attest to.

Yesterday, I visited Roosevelt Elementary for Strong Women Strong Girls for the last time this semester. Unfortunately, our programming there only encompasses fifth graders, who leave the school for middle school this summer. So it was goodbye. However, seeing their progress was incredible. For example, seating was always an issue for us, so we would lay out name cards every week in a random order. Yesterday, though, we let them sit where they wanted, and to our surprise, there were no issues and the split themselves up evenly at the tables. Although I will miss them, I am very excited to meet a new set of girls next fall.

As I run off to class, the computer lab, the library, class, the ice cream sale, and back to the library, the best thing I can offer is a little ice cream – Strong Women Strong Girls will have an ice cream stand on the third floor of the union: for one dollar, you get a scoop and a topping. Additional scoops and toppings are twenty-five cents. It’s a great deal, a great study break, and a great cause.

Hope to see you there,


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