Every six years or so, I once again have to share my birthday with Ash Wednesday. This coming Wednesday will double both as my 19th birthday, as well as Ash Wednesday, symbolizing the first day of Lent in the Catholic faith.

This year, I have a crazy birthday schedule. I will be starting the day off mass at 7:45. I know, early, but this is the only mass time that fits nicely into my POA. From eight to eleven, just like every other Wednesday, I have class. This is new for me; in high school, our winter break always fell on the week of my birthday so I’ve never had school or any other responsibilities for that matter. This year, however, after class I am mentoring with Strong Women Strong Girls. Although this prolongs my day, I am actually pretty excited my birthday fell on a Wednesday for this reason! It will be fun to celebrate my birthday in elementary school again, with the happy birthday song and the age chant at the end.

This will be my first birthday away from both of my parents, but I am embracing the challenge. I have also saved both of their packages so on Wednesday I can get presents much like I would at home! Still, I will be going out to dinner, and I have heard that a particular cake order has been placed at Cold Stone!

In general, I am very excited for an action packed birthday!


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