The Best New Way To Keep A Diary

Throughout my adolescence, I went through journal writing phases. I would receive a pretty,  lined commentary book and a spark of inspiration would move me to pour over it, but only for a couple weeks. It seemed my day-to-day was particularly mundane and I ended up losing the book in the clutter of my bedroom.

This holiday season, however, I came across something rather clever. All you struggling diary owners, fear not, I have the solution.

It’s called the “Q&A a Day” five-year journal. I came across it on Amazon searching for Christmas gifts. Upon ordering one for my friend, I had to buy another for myself.

You see, instead of a blank sheet of paper, with plenty of room to talk about how you did the dishes at noon and got a nose-bleed at two, the days are marked with a specific question. They are simple, yet telling once you compile your answers over the years. When the book is finished, you can see how your answer to the same question differs with time. How ingenious, right?

I know we are almost through the month of January, but this is definitely worth a look, especially for those of us at such an important junction in our lives, college!

Here’s the link to the book on Amazon:

IMG_0975 IMG_0977Happy journaling.

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