Being Sick :(

This weekend, it seems that I have come down with quite a cold. Although I don’t believe I have a fever, and I’m not exactly bedridden, this is my first experience being sick away from home. (I’ve been taking my Airborne and Echinacea.) It was difficult taking care of myself, especially since I am so used to Mommy and Daddy giving my medicine and essentially, fluffing my pillows.

I know that Health Services has done a great job spreading awareness about staying healthy, but here are some trips from my own personal experiences to make being sick away from home a little easier:

  1. Don’t try to do anything. It stinks, I know, but just lie in bed and take care of yourself. I happened to get sick on a Friday morning, and I’m still feeling pretty lousy today, so it really takes self-restraint to just be getting into bed when everyone else is getting ready to go out, but it is worth it. You will feel better much sooner.
  2. Don’t forget all the things your parents told you when you were home, like take your medicine and stay in bed. Tons of people stop taking their medicine, especially antibiotics, long before they’re finished with them because they feel better. If you want to get healthy, and stay healthy, take your medicine!
  3. Know when to take your temperature. Although I came to school with an intensive first aid kit, one thing not included was a thermometer. As I knocked on doors up and down my hall, I found that no one had one either. If you think you may have a fever, it’s important not to let it get too high. Either take your temperature or take some Advil to lower it.
  4. Sleep as much as possible, but when you’re not sleeping, keep your mind busy. Being sick makes you grumpy, and being away form home can feel lonely when you’re sick. While sleeping is great for your illness, if you find you cannot fall asleep, try not to just wallow in your lonesomeness. Maybe put on the TV or read a book.

That said, I wish everyone great health into spring break!


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