Being Healthy is Hot

hand_washingOn top of making time for homework, fun, friends, work, clubs, and organizations, I’ve also been trying to make time each day to take care of my health. This involves caring for quite a few different aspects of my body and mind. Although it seems hard to do, I’ve been trying to get as much sleep as possible and I’ve also been taking vitamins each day to keep my immune system strong. Last week my routine was slowed down quite a bit last week after I caught a cold. Luckily, it wasn’t anything too serious, but college campuses are breeding grounds for all kinds of crazy germs just based on how many people live in a small area.  While of course, washing and sanitizing your hands is a big help, it doesn’t hurt to make your body strong enough to defend itself in case the sanitizer fails. Trying to make healthy meal choices is important too.

In order to keep from getting too stressed, I try to take frequent breaks when I’m studying and do some form of exercise each day. Taking even a short run around campus or trip to the power center is a huge stress relief and it’s good for your body, too. Swimming in the pool during free-swim hours or participating in intramurals are really fun ways to stay active as well.

I also try to keep myself from getting into too much of a routine by switching things up each day, including the food I eat, the places I study, and where I hang out at night. I’ve found that doing my homework in my room every day gets boring and I get easily distracted, so lately I’ve been enjoying the weather outside while I study, or heading to Starbucks if it’s cooler. I can talk with people while I work and keep from feeling too overwhelmed.

I think, overall, just being aware that I need to take some time for myself helps a lot. Just don’t forget that it’s okay to take a homework break every once in while and pamper yourself. You’ll be happy you did :)


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