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Have you ever heard an adult say that they wish they had done something differently with their lives? Do you ever get the feeling that an adult (maybe a parent) feels like they are just living life day to day with no purpose?  Do you feel this way as a student?  As a student in college, are you afraid that you are just going to get your degree, get placed in a job, and not truly live the way you want to?  Do you have dreams or ambitions that seem unattainable?  Not sure how to actually connect them to a career choice?
These questions all come up in the life of a normal college student, so if you’ve had these thoughts, you are not weird or alone. For this reason, Duquesne University’s Campus Ministry has teamed with the College of Liberal Arts to create a day of reflection, faith, help, and actionable thinking. The “Be Bold, Be You” Pursuing Purpose Retreat is an annual retreat that is free for students and is a great day to get away from all the worries of real life and think about your future.

I attended last year’s retreat and functioned as sort of a “group leader” since I was on the marketing team and had a solid grasp on the subject matter. I’ll give you a general idea of how the day went.

It started out with some prayer, reflection, and writing. It was very calming and quiet at the beginning. It allowed the attendees to try to dig deep within themselves and figure themselves out as a person. This was crucial because without this foundational knowledge of the self, it would be very difficult to make connections to careers and life choices.

We then transitioned into several other activities, both individual and group activities, that helped inspire some thinking, conversation, and epiphanies. For example, one of them involved ranking different traits about your personality and using those traits, there were potential career avenues to think about exploring. The overall goal in these activities was to give us busy college students a chance to just relax, eat free food, think about who we TRULY are, and think about how to continue with our choices.

If there is one thing I think is needed more in college now-a-days, it is time for reflection. Events like this. We live day to day in college doing homework, going to the library, working on projects, going to part-time jobs and internships, going to the gym, eating meals, going out with friends, and squeezing in time with friends who go to other schools. It seems like there is no room for anything else, so these moments of reflection get lost in a whirl of notebook paper and Starbucks cups, and we may sometimes forget who we really are.

Come to this event. You will not regret it. This event changed a lot about my mindset and helped me decide on potential career choices based on my interests and my personal motivations. I now can confidently say as a senior in college that I have a pretty good (not perfect) grasp on who I am, what I want to do, and where I want to go in life. This purpose retreat was a crucial factor in figuring those things out. “Be Bold, Be You” is here to help guide you, not tug you in any certain direction. All you have to show up. It’s free, you get fed, and it’s fun. Hope to see you there!

– Jake Kurtz


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