Back in the Burgh

I have heard several students comment that their break was great, but too short. I, however, am excited to be back in Pittsburgh. After a long break, filled with 50 hours of work a week, I am happy to be at school, where I am part of the college world, instead of the scary adult one.

I think it is now obvious that school is back in swing. It’s eleven o’clock on a Friday, and I am happy to say that I am done for the day. However, after an 8 A.M. literature class, a 9 A.M. sociology class, and a 10 A.M. stats class, I have had my fair share of education for the day. I have just reentered the warm plethora of clouds that I like to call my bed and put on my new television. I am in a new room this semester, which I am very excited about. Although I have only been here a few nights, it feels like home.

I cannot entirely credit this to the room, though. Two of my best friends from home have come to Pittsburgh to visit for the weekend because they do not yet have to return to school. I have been having a great time showing them both around the school and the city. It has been a great weekend so far.

Welcome back,


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