August Already?!

checklist2It seems like summer is quickly coming to an end and for most of us, that means having as much fun as we can before school starts. In the past, this time of year has meant yet another upcoming semester in the same town, with the same old classmates. But this time I’m actually counting down the days until I can make a fresh start in a new place.

I feel like most other freshman I’ve talked to feel the same way; a little anxious about making such a big change but mostly just excited to get on campus. We’ve viewed our schedules, received our roommate info, and started shopping for the all-important dorm accessories. I honestly feel like things have been too good to be true so far. My classes involve topics I actually want to learn about, my roommate and I have a ton of things in common, and when I visited campus again during FAST, I really felt at home. Now that I know I was right in choosing Duquesne, it’s time for me to get things ready for move-in day.

As an inexperienced freshman, I’m sure I’ll bring way to much stuff that I’ll never use, but I know I won’t be the only one. Plus it will give me a good laugh next semester when I look back at how little I knew about being on my own.  For now, I’m spending my time making lists, shopping, and planning for my next few months of fun. I’ve realized there’s so much I now need that I normally wouldn’t buy for myself. Living with mom and dad has allowed me never to worry about buying things like laundry detergent, surge protectors, shampoo, and carpet for my room. While I’m ready to do things on my own, it does feel good knowing I’ll only be about 25 minutes away from my family if I forget anything or want a home cooked meal.

Those of you who decided to venture a little further away from the nest might have some more planning to do when it comes to being prepared. Talking to a friend or family member who’s going back as an upperclassman this fall is a good way to find out about items you might not have thought to bring. If your RA, advisor, or orientation leader has contacted you already, I’m sure they would be glad to talk as well. That’s one of the many things I love about Duquesne; everyone seems to be very willing to help ease freshmen in their transition to campus. I don’t have any problem finding someone who knows the answers to my questions, so it doesn’t seem like I’m starting this whole experience completely alone.

I’m confident that moving into the Duquesne community will be an easy adjustment thanks to the staff, the volunteers from the upper classes, and the week of activities planned for orientation. We can all relax for the rest of the summer and look forward to years of learning and making memories.


*I’d love to read any helpful comments from those of you who are past the freshman experience or questions/shared experiences from those who are going through it now!

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