April showers won’t rain out this baseball season

While April may seem like simply a time to cram before finals, there are also fun new ways to enjoy yourself this month that are different from what was available last month.  I’ve actually been enjoying looking for summer jobs and internships recently, but if that doesn’t sound quite exciting enough for you, I suggest getting involved with Pittsburgh’s own MLB team.  The Pirates may not have the best reputation in the league, but their field is just a short walk away from Duquesne, and they started off their season right with two out of three wins against the Phillies this weekend.

Since coming to Duquesne freshman year, I’ve attended way more Pirates’ games than ever before.  It’s a fun, relatively inexpensive way to spend an evening or an afternoon, and you get to be outside, try some ballpark snacks, hang out with friends and watch professional athletes do their thing.  What I love about the games, as someone who isn’t normally a sports enthusiast, is the energy of the crowd, the entertaining show on the jumbotron, and the fact that all it takes is a few bucks and a relaxing walk downtown to enjoy a good game.  There are games all the time during their lengthy season, and most games involve extra promotions like free tshirts, fireworks or concerts.

One of my favorite promotions is coming up in just a couple weeks–Buc Day.  On Sunday the 22nd at 1:35 p.m, the Pirates will face the Cardinals, and tickets and food will be available for only $1.  Seriously, only $1!  It’s a college student’s dream!  If you want to get a taste of the Pirates experience but are short on cash, this is definitely your best chance.  You can sleep in on Sunday morning then head on over for a cheap lunch and fun time with your friends instead of spending alllll day in the library.  Luckily, the game won’t last into the night so you can still head to Gumberg after if necessary. 

You can get involved with the team in a different way, as well, on the day before Buc Day.  On April 21st, Pirates Charities will host their 5k Home Run annual run/walk.  If you haven’t already registered it will cost $30 to participate, and every participant will recieve a free tshirt and ticket to a game.  They will provide timers if you want to try to beat your own record, or you can walk at your own pace and enjoy the North Shore route with some friends.  Either way it’s great exercise, and it’s a fun goal to set for yourself.  My friends and I are going to participate and I’m really excited to run my first race.  I wouldn’t call myself a “serious runner”, but I know I’ll feel really proud of myself if I can do this, so I’m going to try. 

For more information about the race check out:   http://pittsburgh.pirates.mlb.com/pit/community/race.jsp?loc=information

Or, for this season’s game schedule, go to: http://pittsburgh.pirates.mlb.com/schedule/index.jspc_id=pit#y=2012&m=4&calendar=DEFAULT

I really think baseball season and everything that goes with it is a great way to get ready for Spring and take a much needed study break, even if you aren’t a baseball fan.  Think about it, and hope to see you at the race!


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