Are you another distracted driving statistic?

Hey everyone! I hope summer is treating you well! Unfortunately, summer is quickly coming to an end but I am excited to return to the bluff for this upcoming semester.

However, I’m not looking forward to the 5-hour drive that stands between Pittsburgh and me because this summer I had my first car accident. I wasn’t texting, my music wasn’t too loud, and I was going the speed limit. The car in the lane next to me wasn’t being as responsible and tried to change lanes and instead, ran into my car. I managed to keep control and get safely to the side of the road. My car was in the shop for almost a month but it is happily home, shiny and ready to go.

My car accident may have been minor but it still made me think about the dangers of driving. If I had been texting, I could have easily lost control of my car and ended up in another lane, creating a very dangerous situation.

According to, there are approximately 660,000 drivers using their cell phones at any given moment. That means there are 660,000 cars that can’t see you in their blind spot and aren’t paying attention to your brake lights. Why add to that number?

Have you ever looked up the facts on distracted driving? provides a list of mind-blowing facts. To include that the time it takes you to send a text message equates to a length of a football field on the road. Blind. Is it worth it?

Pennsylvania has a ban on texting while driving, along with 44 other states. So why are we still doing it?

I promise, the text message can wait. Facebook will still be there when you get to your destination. You can send that tweet later. Are you going to put the people around you in danger? The website informs that 27% of drivers in fatal accidents due to distracted driving are in their 20s. Are you going to risk your life for a text message?

Distracted driving isn’t just texting. Any time you take your eyes off the road and stop focusing on the road ahead, you are being a distracted driver. Set the GPS before you go and make a road trip playlist so you don’t have to fuss with the radio.

I’m not trying to lecture. But as we all embark on our journey back to the bluff in a few weeks, we have a decision to make on the trip there. Will we be distracted drivers?


Enjoy your last few weeks of summer and I can’t wait to get safely back to the bluff!

See you all soon!


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