All freshmen: raise your hands!

It’s a year of firsts: for you and me, I’m guessing. You may be new to Duquesne and holding onto your map like a lifeline. I’m trying to navigate the blogosphere without getting lost. We’ve got that in common.

I know it can be stressful, trying to locate the elusive Libermann hall with five minutes to spare, but it’s the beginning of one of the most incredible journeys of your life.

My cousin became a college freshman this year—excited to use his skateboard to get from class to class, optimistic and a little scared. I remember telling him that yes, high school was fun, but college would be even better. I don’t remember being able to say exactly why. Maybe it’s the way that college keeps you on your toes.

More than halfway through my college journey, I still feel like a freshman. Maybe I don’t have to hold a map right in front of my face as I walk down a-walk anymore, but every year there is something brand new to discover about my university. New and old classmates to get to know, little study cubbyholes to discover, theories to be learned and another exciting boutique to run into on my way to a market square lunch….

I really think that it’s those little discoveries that will stick with us and make our college the fun experience that it is. It makes Duquesne the place where we can spend the most hectic and enjoyable years of our lives. And this year I want to keep my eyes wide open, capture those little moments when I can, share them with you.

My first tip to you is don’t get too lost on the way to Libermann. My second tip is not to be afraid to ask for help from your fellow students and upperclassmen; we’ve been there. My third, and maybe the most important? Take a breather. I know you’re aching to get into your homework, but just slow down for a minute. Set aside a little time to make good memories every day, maybe something you can share with your friends and family back home. Get involved around campus doing what you love; let people get to know your own unique personality! The university will be the better for having you in it.

Then, you may dig into your coursework with gusto. Own your university experience!

(Yes, owning that experience can be something very silly, like putting on cat ears and getting a friend to snap a picture a few minutes before class starts.)


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