Advice on Scheduling for Classes

During previous semesters, I would have classes from Monday to Friday. I do not live on the college’s campus, so I take a bus to the university instead. Although I enjoy getting an education and taking classes, I consider having classes five days each week to be a nuisance. For a person who is scheduling for classes for later semesters, I recommend scheduling for the classes you need in a way so that they occur on the least amount of days possible.

I scheduled for classes so that they would all occur only two days each week, and I am glad I was able to do it. By making my schedule more compact, I can focus on other matters where I live.

When one has more days off from college, they can devote more time and days to working. I am looking for work at the moment, and it is now possible for me to devote the extra three days to working when I am able to become employed again. Getting an education is very important, and getting work experience is important as well.

With more days off from college, one can also devote some of those days to being with friends they haven’t seen in a while. Over the summer, I got to go to a local cinema and eat at a restaurant with a friend of mine I haven’t seen in over a year. With more days off from college, I can do the same during the semester if I desire to do so.

Having fewer class days also makes it possible for you to save time, money and resources. If you drive to the university or college you attend, having fewer class days means that you will spend less time driving a vehicle or getting a ride on some other form of transportation and less money on gasoline. The student has more time to himself on the extra days off and more money he can use to support their other endeavors. If more commuters make their schedules more compact, they have the potential to reduce the congestion on the roads and the demand for gasoline.

Although compacting your class schedule to two or three days a week will mean that you will have very little free time between the classes, the compact schedule compensates for that by giving you an extra two or three days off from college every single week. During the previous semesters, I had approximately ninety days of classes each semester. This time around, with only two days of classes each week, I have about thirty days of classes at the most. I recommend having a compact class schedule to all students who are able to schedule their classes in such a way, as they will have fewer class days and more time and resources they can devote to their other endeavors.

-Frank Decapio

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