Adios, Summer.

huge-snow-suitFall is really here. The cold weather this week has been so shocking that I’ve been dressing like its January. Today I am donning a hoodie, jacket, my morning hot tea, warm shoes, and an umbrella. I find the Starbucks right in the middle of campus much more difficult to resist when it’s cold out! Some people love Pittsburgh because we experience all four seasons here, but I’d be much happier if we only had two: spring and summer.

Although I clearly hate the cold, I do have a few favorite things on campus to do during those horribly chilly months. Like I mentioned before, the Starbucks is a lifesaver. I can barely go a day without a hot chocolate or warm drink. I also appreciate the warm food from the grill down at Offramp much more when it’s cold out. There’s nothing better than a warm sandwich during a cold day! I also utilize the Power Center gym and group fitness classes much more during the winter. My favorites are the Yoga and PiYo classes. (Here is the schedule)

As you’ve probably already noticed on a chilly day like today, fashion generally takes a backseat on cold days, especially when we get into the winter months! Because students have to walk outside between every single class, no one will look twice if you’re dressed in a warm Duquesne hoodie and furry boots.

Ok, so maybe it’s not winter just yet, but I am getting prepared.


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