A Different Perspective on Yourself

I have this habit of retaining information really well, but it’s not always the information I need to retain. For example, I can tell you that otters hold hands while sleeping to make sure they don’t drift away but I, unfortunately, am unable to produce the first and second declensions in Latin. This may not seem like such a big deal but I am currently in Latin 101 and my first test is coming up soon. Now, before you all assume that I am going to completely fail my test, I’d let to let you in on a secret.

Personality quirks that you may think are stupid often turn out to be extremely helpful in daily life. Under lying my propensity to remember useless facts is a broad knowledge base that I can use to talk about a wide variety of topics and a strong memory that helps me in my classes. So while I may not know the first and second declensions in LatinĀ right now, I guarantee you that I will know them before my test. This will come from a lot of studying but also from my ability to memorize things. This is an ability that I possess that I usually think of as quite useless and annoying but after I really looked at it I can see a skill that will help me.

Obviously this doesn’t only apply to me, I bet that each and every person who reads this can think of one “stupid” habit or ability they possess that actually houses a very important and useful skill. While I realize that it is not always easy to see ourselves in a favorable or even objective way, it is necessary when trying to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses. If you still find yourself unable to do this it’s always good to ask a friend what they think you excel at/what they like about you. It’s eye-opening sometimes what other people see that we don’t, especially when it comes to self-reflection.

I realize that I’m not saying anything life-changing or mind-blowing but I do hope you understood my ramblings and liked my general message: Your personality is full of your strengths, you just may not be able to always see them. Hopefully after reading about my own little epiphany you’ll have one of your own, or at least regard yourself a little differently.

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