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Our bloggers hail from different parts of the country, have different majors and duties within the College, and have lots to say about their lives here at Duquesne University, and, most importantly, their experiences in the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts. Say hello to our bloggers!


Alexa BrightmanIMG_4743

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Alexa Brightman, and I am a Sophomore here at Duquesne. I am originally from Jamestown, New York. Heard of it? Didn’t think so. It’s about three hours away from Pittsburgh and eight hours away from New York City. I have lived there all my life with my parents and twin sisters. Being that Jamestown is a place of only about thirty thousand people, the city life here in Pittsburgh is most ideal for me. The communal feel of Duquesne paired with the activities the city has to offer has allowed me to thrive in my first semester at college.

I am currently working toward a double-major in Political Science and International Relations. I also study the Arabic language, which has so far been my favorite aspect of academic life. My overall goal is to become fluent in Arabic and study law.

I enjoy theater, Star Trek, long romantic walks through the makeup store, watching hockey and baseball, literature, and reading and writing in my spare time. I value self-reflection and growth, and I am always eager to hone my leadership abilities.

Feel free to reach out to me! I’d love to chat.

Anthony Priore Blog PhotoAnthony Priore (blogger emeritus)

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and have lived here my entire life. Experiencing the sense of community in the city made my decision to come to Duquesne, where the community is overwhelmingly strong and connected, in 2012 so much easier.

I’m currently a broadcast journalism major here and plan on using that degree to focus on sports and athletics. I’ve always enjoyed athletics but have never been the most physically gifted at them. So, covering them as a profession became the best way to stay connected. I’ve written and blogged about people, games, and events in the world of sports before and plan on continuing that trend here at Duquesne with this blog. Not only will this include sports at the professional level but the college level as well.

I’m on the executive board for the Red and Blue Crew, the official spirit squad for the sports teams here at Duquesne. There, I serve as the Vice President of Public Relations and consequently I’ll also be observing, rooting, and writing about all teams here at Duquesne. I hope to share the games and stories, amongst other things with everyone here and create a positive and enthusiastic environment for th

Bill Klewien

Thanks for reading our blog.  I’m Bill Klewien (see left in the Elmer Fudd hat) and I am the Director of College Communication & Undergraduate Recruitment here in the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts.  I’ve been at Duquesne for a little over 10 years now and I can honestly say that it truly is an extraordinary place.  I’ve had the privilege of serving students in the College as an Academic Advisor for a number of years but am now focused on working with prospective students and their families.

Though both of my parents were born in Pittsburgh, I’m not a native Pittsburgher.  I grew up in Northern Virginia but proudly call Pittsburgh and the Bluff home.  I started my college career as a nuclear engineering major and bounced around to molecular biology before finding my place as a Russian major… so if you’re undecided on a major, I can probably relate… and give some pointers to keep that from interfering with your success.  If you have any questions about studying liberal arts at Duquesne University, please feel free to reach out –

McCallHeadshotMcCall Behringer

Hi, I’m McCall! I’m a Public Relations and Journalism major here at Duquesne hoping to one day cover Pittsburgh professional sports. That being said, you can generally catch me at the Consol Energy Center, located right across the street from campus, cheering on the Penguins. While sports are my passion, I have a much less rowdy side that includes a good book and a good cup of coffee. I love to travel and learn about new and different cultures. I’m always talking about something and I love sharing the things I learn about with everyone!  I hail from Baltimore, Maryland but I love to call Duquesne and Pittsburgh my home. I’m generally pretty involved on campus and never miss a chance to help out with events and learn something new. I’m really excited to begin blogging and I hope I can bring a different perspective of life on the bluff. So if there’s anything about Duquesne or the city of Pittsburgh you’d like to see or learn about, feel free to let me know! I’m all about exploring!

Mora Mac HeadshotMora McLaughlin

Hello, everyone. My name is Mora McLaughlin: omelet aficionado and to-do list taskmaster. I am studying Communications and Political Science here at Duquesne. I decided I couldn’t bear to part with the Allegheny River, so I moved downstream! Oil City is my hometown, which is about two hours north of the City of Bridges.   One day, I see myself working with an international aid organization or breaching the gap between the government and the business world. Hopefully I will have the chance to travel during my time at Duquesne, as well. If so, I’m taking you all with me! Or at least I’ll take my camera. Until then, I’m exploring Pittsburgh one weekend at a time and enjoying Duquesne. If you see me around campus, ask me to join you for a cup of tea an a Netflix marathon.

swincusTy Sweeney


Born Thomas E. Sweeney, third of my name, I go by the nickname Ty, like the ‘Beanie Baby’ tags. I am a Pittsburgh-born, Communications and Political Science Double Major having, meager beard toting, registered cinephile. . My biggest fears are Gators– all kinds– and Martial Arts– all kinds. I enjoy classical R&B music, video games, and a good ‘nanner. I like long walks on the beaches, and strawberries, and peaches. I give words random and inappropriate capitalization and my writing is both informal and mediocre at best, so I apologize in advance, to not only you, the reader, but also to my fellow bloggers, as well as to my ancestors, for dishonoring their name. I don’t like bragging, or talking about my self, at all, in general, so I must be brief. Duquesne is in my blood. It is the Undergraduate school of my father, and the Law School of my mother. I feel welcome here, its my home. And as the band Metronomy once said, “This town’s the oldest friend of mine.”

face    Kristian Sheeley

Thanks for reading our blog! I am currently a junior double-majoring in Philosophy and English Literary Studies with a minor in Theology. I am in a work-study position as a Marketing Assistant with Duquesne’s McAnulty College of Liberal Arts. Also, I involved on campus as Vice President of our Ski and Snowboard Club, Public Debate Executive of the Duquesne Debating Society, and a member of other organizations such as the Undergraduate Philosophy Club, the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success, and English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta. I hope to attend graduate school after my time at Duquesne in pursuit of ultimately becoming a teacher in secondary and/or higher education.

Duquesne’s impact on my life is best described as pivotal. The teachers, friends, and employees I’ve met have spurned me to develop both the motivation and the means to pursue my passions. Moreover, it has helped show me where I must aim in order to lead a good life!


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