A Timely Reflection: Looking Back on My First Semester of College

Howdy, readers one and all!

Now that I have made myself comfortable easing into Semester numero dos, I thought I would write an open (short, not too much on the psyche) reflection on my first semester of college.

Overall- I am overwhelmingly happy with the way things turned out. From making tons of new friends (something 16 and even 17 year-old me thought was “impossible”) to the craziness of finals week- I can be nothing but grateful for the lot of it. With each obstacle I find out new things about myself that I know can help me overcome bigger challenges in the future. My first semester truly taught me how to look at situations from a variety of perspectives, and I mean really look at them.

Of course- there are things I could be better at this semester, like following through on the double sessions at the gym I keep promising myself, or getting in touch with all of the people I promise to get in touch with.

Plans for Spring 2017-

Sorority Recruitment-

As we know, there are so many ways to get involved at Duquesne. I feel like last semester was really self-focused. For this semester, I’d like to give back to others as much as possible. I can do this through sorority, while making more lasting and meaningful relationships with the people around me.

Model UN- I enjoy mentally stimulating things, and International Relations. I think yes!

Debate Club- I will argue about anything-ask my roommate. (we’ve been best friends for 15 years… it was a joke 😉 )


Here’s to a meaningful and fulfilling SP17.



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