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A beautiful day on campus

Ah, finals week! ‘Tis a time of joy and procrastination, a time of stress and tears, a time of looking forward to the holidays with all the desperation of a stressed college student. Yes, finals time is a wondrous time of the semester. I took some time off from my finals and compiled a list of all the things I wish I would have kept in mind throughout the semester.


Don’t procrastinate on the things that really matter.
Get them done ASAP. You don’t want to be that person left behind because of some silly issue which could have been easily fixed. Because sometimes Chinua Achebe is right and things fall apart. However, sometimes Marilyn Monroe is also right, and good things fall apart so something better can fall together.


Do the things you enjoy, and don’t let the things you don’t enjoy take over your life.
We all chose our majors, so coursework shouldn’t exactly be torturous. Keep the parts of your major which you love in mind while you’re in a class that you may not like as much.

Also, take some time off. Particularly that time before finals when professors realize that they all have to give you about a mountain and a half of work (because obviously theirs are the most important classes anyone will ever take), make sure you leave some time to yourself and your friends. You would be surprised at how much this can help your mental state and thereby your coursework.


Get involved.
Confession: I really wasn’t that involved in Duquesne’s array of activities and clubs. Seriously, that was a crazy mistake made my freshman year. I have met the most amazing people and made great friends this year when I got actively involved in my clubs. Seriously, do it.


Stop stressing about things you can’t change.
I know the elections are over, and people are tired of hearing about them, but I’d like to make just one last little observation here. People freaked out about the elections. Really, they were not and are not the end of the world. You would be surprised what a president can do… which really isn’t that much.

But there are other issues which we face every day, like the correct usage of “everyday” versus “every day.” Much as I might want to tear my hair out every day I see this (it’s an everyday mistake, I understand), I do what I can to help the author, and then move on. Or if you’re not as grammatically demanding as I am, there are other not-so-everyday stressors. Advice: do what you can, then get on with your life.

If you can’t relax, my suggestion is to listen to rainymood.com and 8tracks.com. I also highly suggest working out harder and longer to tire yourself out more and to help relieve stress.


Carpe diem
I’m pretty sure most of us know that this means, “Seize the day.” And I mean it in the clichéd sense—enjoy every moment you can here because trust me, trust everyone, time flies. Take advantage of the fact that we’re young and relatively advantaged. Explore your interests, leave your comfort zone. You never know what you’re going to find.

But I also mean this in the academic sense. Take classes you think you might enjoy, not just the required ones. If you generally hate school, you should either rethink your major or your decision to be in school in the first place.


I said it…typed it. It’s not an excuse to do something stupendously stupid. It’s an encouragement to do something worth your time.


Have a wonderful break. Enjoy the time to relax and be with your families and friends back home. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year ;).

Love always,

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