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Studying abroad is a choice made by many college students and overlooked by just as many if not more. Even though no every student has a chance to go overseas it’s always nice to hear about another person’s trip, see what they experienced and learn about the culture just like they did while staying in a new city with all new faces.

My choice to study abroad happened way back when I was little and studying Spanish for the first time. I knew that I wanted to go to Spain at least once in my life if not eventually move there and so here I am now. It is my third day staying in Salamanca, Spain which is almost two hours away from Madrid and near the top of Portugal.

The reason to come to this city in particular, if one is studying Spanish or wants to learn it from the masters, is that it is one of the most renown study abroad cities. This small college town offers a lot to the students from all around the world as well as the townies themselves. I’ve grown to love the city already with it’s little stores, the friendly people, and most important the food.

To make this brief, I am staying in a house with another American student, Samuel, a host mother, Nati, and her son. Though it is very different to live in a Spanish home, it is oddly relaxing to be able to call some place your own and live there feeling like one of the family. It has only been two or three days since I first hugged my host mother but we all feel attached already.

I begin a two week orientation tomorrow and know that it will completely change the way I have been living for the last two days and make this trip all the more real. It might cut into my exploring time, but I can always stop sleeping!!

My advice to people who are thinking about studying abroad is to look at different books from the international office and figure out what is right for you. Some cities might not have English as a secondary language but classes might be taught in English. There are many options when looking at where to study abroad, so you have to figure out what place suits you the best. Scholarships are always available to whomever needs them to make their dreams come true. Personally, I believe everyone should experience another culture first hand and they should become the foreigners for once.


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