A Day in the Life of a Liberal Arts Work-Study: Recruitment

As I have transitioned into my second year as a Liberal Arts Marketing Assistant, I witness firsthand the importance of having families speak with current students. Twiddling fingers and flickering eyes fill the hallways and walkways all over college campuses as high school students weigh the pros and cons of each school on each college visit. More times than not, these prospective students and their parents/guardians set up an appointment to meet with an admissions counselor, college recruiters, etc. to discuss the general aspects of being in college. This is where my favorite part of my job comes in…

About 2 weeks ago, my supervisor (Bill Klewien) asked me if I could take some time out of an afternoon to speak with a prospective student and her mother. I was immediately eager to go and provide my insight and retell my college experience. It turns out that this girl’s ultimate goal (for now) is law school, as is mine. I was excited to explain to her the different options for pursuing law school- especially here at Duquesne with our 3+3 Law Program. Before Bill even got back to his office, I had explained the different routes she could take and what requirements within the Liberal Arts college she would need with her potential major.

In my opinion, it is crucial that a prospective student speaks with at least one current student on college visits, and many institutions do a wonderful job at this. My point being- could Bill have done everything and talked with them about everything? Absolutely. But, there is a degree of genuine and relatable interaction between two people of the same age demographic. I am always willing to meet with prospective students, as I am currently living the experience of being a college student. I do it everyday, and I will continue to do it until graduation. Prospective students deserve these first-hand accounts of life on the Bluff, and I am grateful to be able to tell my own story so that others may choose to continue their own stories at Duquesne University.



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