A Bright Reflection


Just three short months ago (which somehow, feel like an entire eternity), I had set a lot of goals for myself for this semester, ranging both in category and dedication. Aside from my schoolwork goals (get all A’s, maintain my GPA etc.), I was very driven to get ahead in the law school process, make money, and run every day.

Applying to law school is not easy. But applying early is important. So, first and foremost, I was concerned with the LSATS. I had University-of-Miamiplanned to study everyday until the much dreaded and anticipated OCTOBER 6th when I would take my test. Setting score goals for myself, I spent endless hours doing reading and practice tests on the test. Additionally, I gathered information about myself, crafted my personal statement, asked for letters of recommendations, requested information packets…. the list is endless. I am excited to report that my goal, in many ways, has been achieved. Over Thanksgiving Break, I sent in 10 law school applications, and even heard back from one: The University of Miami School of Law!!!!

Though I haven’t officially committed to the University of Miami, I am beyond excited at the fact that I have been accepted! Ideally, I would love to spend the next three years studying law in Miami, but I am still figuring out the finances (to put it nicely). Though I am still waiting to hear back from a big handful of schools, I can rest easy knowing I’ve been accepted, and accepted somewhere I would LOVE to attend!

That aside, my two other goals seemed easy! Making money… not spending it all: an ultimate challenge. This semester, I worked about 15 hours a week at the Red Ring, the campus Bar & Grille, and somehow managed to put enough away each week to keep my head above water. Though waitressing is a lot of work, versus simply sitting at a desk, I really enjoy it! So, not only did I make money, but I made friends from coworkers, and acquaintances from costumers.


As far as my exercise goals have gone, I am proud to say I have kept up. I do not run every single day, but I would out for at least a half an hour Monday through Friday. Usually in the form of a run, I sometimes run outside, but more often at the gym because of the odd hours I like to go (early!). I had found some great apps, though, like MapMyRun, which I previously blogged about, and most recently, Charity Miles. If you have an iPhone and run outside, GET IT! Charity Miles basically tracks your miles running and donates money, meals, or time to the charity of your choice depending on how far you run. Community service by simply exercising? I’ll take it!

A lot has happened in the past semester, much of which has been stressful and exciting all at the same time. My goals for next semester have changed a bit: characterized by senioritis, they are predominantly focused on limiting my day dreaming of studying on the beaches of Miami and remembering, even the last semester counts.

Until then, I’ll keep chugging along…

Good luck on finals!

– Alyssa Federoff


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