A Break From Studying

So this past week I experienced the joy of having to deal with three midterms, three days at work, and one annoying Latin assignment. I’ve been so stressed, which I’m sure many of you will understand as midterm week tends to have that effect on people, that I couldn’t even think about possible free time in the future. However, now that it is Friday and the only thing that stands between me and my weekend is one last dinner shift at work, it is clear to me that this weekend will be just the breath of fresh air I need. Why is it going to be such a good weekend you ask?


Homecoming is one of my favorite times of year. I’m not really a football fan but I always go to the Homecoming game because of the sheer amount of joy I get from seeing so many past, present, and maybe future Duquesne students in one place. Between Autumn Fest on A-walk where you can do fun activities and buy yummy food, where I will be running around between a few tables so look for me!, the football game, and the alumni visiting there will be no shortage of fun things to do and excitement in the air. However, if you need your excitement fix sooner rather than later you could always go to one of DPC’s events. Every weekend on Friday and Saturday they show a movie and this week is Despicable Me! DPC is also hosting Trivia Night at the Red Ring Tonight from 8-10 if you’re interested in fun competition and awesome food.

In conclusion, after a stressful week of midterms and before another week of classes begins, and for some of you this next week may be the stressful week, it’s nice to know that Duquesne offers so many different ways to have fun, relax, and forget about classes for a while. So please consider taking the advice of someone who is dead tired and just as stressed as you all are, take the time to have fun and not just focus on the stress. It makes everything easier and more manageable.

Have a fun weekend!


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