2+ weeks. Hang on!

With a restful Thanksgiving break behind us, it’s back to the grind! Looking at my calendar for the next two weeks is enough to give me an ulcer. 1 presentation, 1 oral exam, 3 papers and 5 finals in the next two weeks. My only comfort comes from knowing that 2 weeks from now I’ll be almost done with all of it! There are the worst few weeks of the semester, and after my third year of enduring it each fall and spring, I barely feel any more prepared! Here are a few things I have caught onto over the past few years:

1. Be patient. If you want a seat in the library, be prepared to make friends or fight for it. (Kidding, no brawling in the library, please!) The library is never as full as it is during finals, and each year I am surprised at the number of students packing the pathways and tables among the books. Claim a table early, study with a friend, or find another quiet place to cram.

2. Keep you schedule. Don’t stop eating and sleeping to study from dawn until dusk. You’ll crash before your second exam.

3. Eat snacks! Take advantage of the refreshments in the library on Tuesday, December 8. Everyone needs a snack and a study break!

4. Chill out! Finals are not the end of the world. before we know it, it will be Christmas break and finals will all be a distant memory.

Hang in there, Duquesne!


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