Running as a Hobby

map of run to squirrel hill
My most recent 10k run through Squirrel Hill

On my high school soccer team, I was certainly the most likely to complain when running at practice, yet recently, running has become one of my favorite pass times. After quite literally zero physical activity from 10th grade to last March, I randomly decided to go for a run. Since then, my interest has taken off and I am running about 20 miles a week! Of course, there was a lot of steps and hard work that occurred between than and now, but I am just starting to research different races and am considering signing up for a half marathon!

One important part of the process was finding the right shoes. After a fair share of blisters, I caved and bought Asics at the suggestion of a running expert at Fleet Feet. The shoes I bought have been great, and I am happy I made the investment. Shortly later, I discovered, a great free app for those interested in running outside and keeping track of their times and mileage. Basically, using location services, the application can pull up a map of the area you are running and track your mileage based on that. Sign up for MapMyRun here! 

asics running shoes
my running shoes

Fall in Pittsburgh has provided countless beautiful running trails, and of course on colder days, there is the power center! Most recently, I ran a 6-mile loop from Oakland into Squirrel Hill and back through Shadyside, which I mapped out ahead of time on MapMyRun. If you are interested in running, sign up for one of the many marathons or shorter races occurring through out the city on a some-what regular basis.My goal before leaving Pittsburgh: complete the Pittsburgh Marathon – sign up for the Pittsburgh Marathon at

Happy running!


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