10 Simple Ways to Have a Better Day

This article will appear in Narratio’s  publication for the senior citizens. Enjoy! Alyssa

10 Simple Ways to Have a Better Day

Sometimes not even the sun can clear up the clouds hanging overhead. Unfortunately, gloomier days are bound to happen; they pave the way for smiles and sunshine. Yet when that raincloud cannot be shed, it can be difficult to remember that there is something beautiful hiding behind every corner. Days like that may require a little extra effort, but these ten tips can help make every day, especially rough days, a little bit better.

  1. Pick a phrase of the day, and force yourself to incorporate it into conversation. Phrases can range from “when in Rome” to “an apple a day”. Thoughts of this phrase loom in the back of the mind, and when the chance to insert it appears, a strange sense of accomplishment is overwhelming. This is such a fun and easy way to keep the mind gears turning all day, every day.
  2. Write down the one new thing you learn everyday in a journal. Although sometimes this may be a challenge, learning is daily. At the end of the year, open the journal and recognize all the knowledge that has been acquired through out the calendar year. This really illustrates that no matter the year of birth, knowledge is endless, and life is full of unknowns just waiting to be discovered.
  3. Look at the sky. Every day is different, but there is beauty every single day. Whether it is finding the moon in the middle of the day, or deciphering shapes inside the clouds, the sky is a great resource to induce wonder.
  4. Read a comic. This activity may take less than a minute, but it can set the tone for a great day. Comics, although sometimes silly, can highlight the simplicity and humor in everyday life. Although life is a serious matter, it is important to remember not to take anything, including yourself, too seriously.
  5. Listen to soothing music, especially upon awaking. Before you begin your morning routine of brushing your teeth or preparing breakfast, switch on a relaxing radio station, to gently ease you into the day. By beginning slowly, and without much stress, each day will flow.
  6. Say thank you. The important aspect of saying thank you is the recognition that it requires. Making a conscious effort to acknowledge favors forces you to see the kindness in people. Although many occurrences indicate that the world is becoming more violent, this simple activity encourages the opposite.
  7. Check the weather. Any kind of weather can be lovely, if you’re prepared for it. Sure, rain is a pain if you’re wearing the wrong shoes, and the sun is too hot if you’re wearing a sweater, but preparation can change all of that. If you have the tools (i.e. rain boots), any kind of weather can be fun! Abolish the woes of inclimate weather, and check the weather everyday.
  8. Have a good breakfast. Sure, statistics show that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it sets the tone for the rest of the day. However, explore breakfast choices that you enjoy.
  9. Help someone. There are many ways to help someone, and some of them take very little effort. Whether it be something big, like volunteer time with a nonprofit organization, or just simply holding the door for someone, helping others is a great to get a little bit more out of each day. Plus, a tiny act of random kindness may mean a lot for the person on the other end.
  10. Smile. It truly is a contagious activity. On days that are dragging on, a smile may be all someone needs to make it through. Pass on a smile, and it will be returned to you at some point through out the day.

Although sometimes it feels like the roof is indefinitely leaking, these ten simple behaviors can brighten any day.

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